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The original RANCHISING® model has been built by Goodmood Highland Ltd (GHL) and it founders two Finnish farmers, Mr. Esko Rissanen and Mr. Matti Kauhanen. The initial step was to make the decision to rethink the rural agriculture system. GHL is now developing RANCHISING® concept worldwide along with partners to promote food safety and security, improve farming techniques, sales and marketing, waste treatment, environment, new energy solutions and promote job creation, reorganising existing food supply chains and/or applying it to emerging farming activities to support scaling and sector efficiency.


RANCHISING® is an agricultural supply chain model which mobilises the benefits of franchising and creates a business model structure which assists farmers to achieve and improve the quality of life in rural areas, profitability of their farming activities, enhancing the welfare of communities and promoting best practices in farming methods, while maintaining the highest standards of food safety, animal husbandry and environmental protection.

Entrepreneurship is based on the basic idea; Less is More.

Through RANCHISING® innovative solutions, profitable farming practices and livestock husbandry, on-farm aquaculture and bioenergy activities will be built on sound infrastructure support and development and achieve, ethical certificates, enhanced food security, traceability, governance and monitoring, control and surveillance system. Applying global best practises, supported by effective education and training the whole food supply chain will re-organised in the case of existing activities (e.g. red meat) and developed through scaling in the case of new emerging sustainable farming practices (aquaponics and biogas plants).

RANCHISING® concept creates a quality brand for farmers to get markets / buyers to them. The benefit to the farmers is that they do not need market agents to represent them.

As a result, they do not have to sell their crops at the major produce markets in competition with big commercial enterprises. They are linked directly to retailers who knows that they match the standards required, specifies volumes and quality.

Furthermore, mobilising RANCHISING® digital technologies, tailored to the farming sector, which allows farmers to access relevant information, remote support and promoting integration into the broader economy. Through mobile communications and digitalisation historical problems of isolation can be addressed and enabling the creation of a new food system suited to contemporary needs, transforming agriculture into a powerful engine of economic and social development in many countries.

RANCHISING® concept is based on 18 years of experiment on farming where the sharing economy and direct selling are the main parts. Less is More. RANCHISING® not only delivers a new agriculture revolution but it challenges all to rethink the value chain

RANCHISING® will create a framework that will offer key resources for all rurally based organisations, communities, urban farmers and stakeholders. While there are a number of toolkits available none offer the unique applications that It offers in terms of systems thinking – and finally to contribute to the reduction poverty by promoting inclusive and job-creating green economy and by improving energy security while mitigating global climate change. RANCHISING® is an agribusiness model, based on, job creation, entrepreneurship and sustainable trade and affairs.

To have an ethically and sustainable life, both the animals and the human person needs to have a good life. Life where wellbeing is keyword.

In Goodmood- entrpreneurship You cannot have one without the other.


 sami_lehto  esko_rissanen  matti_kauhanen
Sami Lehto
Business development,
+358 40 354 5599
Esko Rissanen
+358 400 658 953
Matti Kauhanen
Chairman of the Board,

+358 400 719 051


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